За вашите желания се грижи екип от специалисти с дългогодишен опит, които се отличават с качествена и прецизна работа и задълбочени познания в областта на мулчирането


Първокачествена дървесина, безвредни бои, безкомпромисно качество на предлагания органичен мулч.


Персонално отношение, сигурност, коректност, максимална бързина на доставките.

About Germi Ltd  as a producer of wooden mulch

Founded in 1996 in the town of Purvomay “Germi Ltd. Is a proven producer of seeds, fertilizers, and colorful wooden mulch for decoration and protection of the soil of gardens, kids playgrounds, spaces, parks and many others. Once asked to acquire beauty around themselves and at the same time use the efficiency of the mulch our clients become more and more individuals and body corporates /small and big business, embassies and municipalities/.

A team with long-standing experience distinguishes itself with high quality, precise work and deep knowledge in the field of mulching will take care of Your wishes. This is a guarantee for our high quality and reliability of our product. We have modern equipment and facilities with high capacity performance to be able to respond appropriately to your expectations.

Why “Germi” Ltd. ?

We can offer You personal attention, security, propriety, fast delivery service, first class wood, harmless dyes, uncompromising quality of the organic and non-organic mulch. To be able to offer You the best product we experiment constantly with the aim of adapting to the dynamically changing economic environment of the XXI century.

Become our clients and benefit from the convenient and professional partnership that we offer!

We wait you!

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