Types of mulch we produce

Organic mulch

Mulch made from sawdust

This is a package made from organic sawdust with natural color. These filings are preferred from many decorators as interesting element for addition to the whole vision of the soil around the around the plantation. Except the beauty, that the mulch will provide to your soil, after degradation the mulch will strengthen it.

Painted wood mulch

Painted wood filings are made of organic oak or beech fillings. The filings are painted with harmless for humans and soil paints in order to achieve better decoration when it is used with this intention. “Germi”Ltd. has different colors painted wood mulch.

Half-degraded mulch

The half-degraded mulch is yet another organic type of mulch produced by “Germi”Ltd. This mulch is rarely used for decoration. Its main purpose is strengthening the soil after its full degradation.

Mulch made of pine needles

This mulch goes to the organic types. One of the main benefits of this mulch is that it decomposes much slower that the other types of organic mulch, which will provide the mulched area longer protection.

Mulch made of straw

Straw is another type of organic mulch, which after degradation enriches the soil. The main advantage, which straw as mulch gives you is that it does not allow weed pests to your garden to appear.

Non-organic mulch

Mulch made of stones

The mulch made of stones is beautiful, long-lasting and with many positive qualities. Stones are used for different types of decorations with landscape architecture. Stones protect your garden from darnels. This type of mulch is recommended for gardens with long-lasting plantations. “Germi”Ltd. offers different fractions of this mulch (from 0.5sm to 20sm).